A&B Pure Water

That water cooler means more than office gossip – it signifies the promise of a hydrated, healthier and more productive workforce. A&B Business is ready to help you go beyond the standard standing water model with the A&B Pure Water system.

What’s the Big Deal about Water?

Water is important. Hydrated workers are healthier, more alert and more productive. But standard bottled water coolers breed more than just office gossip – they are open systems with that can allow viruses, micro-organisms and bacteria to grow inside their tanks.

We have a better solution: A&B Pure Water – a small, on-site reverse osmosis water purification system that delivers contaminant-free, oxygenated water.

Closed System – and Clean Water

Because A&B Pure Water is a closed system, you won’t find any of the contaminants that your standard water cooler collects over time. What’s more, the purification system eliminates the need for those heavy bottles.

No heavy bottles. No contaminants. Just a constant supply of clean, pure water.

A&B Pure Water: No Limits

The A&B Pure Water system is run as a lease with no limits – all for one low fixed price each month. No matter how much water you use. No matter how many people gather to discuss last night’s shows. No matter how healthy your organization becomes. One price is good for all, service calls and filter changes – not to mention one happy staff!

“The water dispenser was a great addition to our office a few years ago. Many more people in our office drink water now than when we used the unsanitary water jugs. Hot drinks are easy to make with the hot water setting on the water dispenser too. We love that there are no jugs to store and the drinking water is always ice cold and tastes delicious.”

Vice President, Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company LLC


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