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Want To Improve Your Business's Energy Consciousness But Not Sure Where To Start?

2018-07-16 00:00:00

print service managementUp to 75% of Americans say they're concerned about the environment despite divides over environmental issues. Both homeowners and business owners want to improve their energy efficiency to reduce waste.

Luckily, property owners have the ability to increase energy efficiency with little effort. Whether you're worried about your business's high electric bill this summer or you're stressed over the future of the environment, you can improve your business's environmental consciousness.

The following ideas can help your business get a leg up on energy efficiency all year-round.

  1. Optimize your printing devices. Printing costs are the third-largest office expense after rent and payroll. By optimizing your printing devices using manage print services, you not only reduce how much you're business is printing but you also gain more control over your devices themselves. The fewer printers you have running and the less you're printing, the more energy you save.

  2. Use energy-saving power switches. When it comes to electricity, many business owners think about using LED lighting. But you can also save on energy by switching over to energy-saving power switches. Smart outlets not only draw zero energy, but you can also connect them to your company's Wifi so you can turn devices on and off using voice activation.

  3. Use solar power. Solar power lighting is becoming increasingly popular among both homeowners and business owners. And why not? It's less expensive than traditional electricity. And many properties that use them often have a significant amount of power leftover at the end of the day.

  4. Use natural lighting as your go-to light source. There's a reason why bright office spaces make employees feel happy. The additional dose of vitamin D from natural sunlight helps keep your workers awake, productive, and in a good mood. If your office building is looking a little dark, consider moving your work tables or cubicles closer to the windows. This will help reduce how many lights your employees will need to turn on during the day.

Print service management can help you reduce your printing costs and optimize your business. To learn more about print service management, ordering office supplies for your business, or to set up an electronic document management system, contact A and B Business Solutions today.