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Three Easy Ways To Save Money As a Small Business

May 25, 2017

document management

Saving money when you’re a small business may seem like a difficult feat. After all, you have to spend money to make money. However, your business may be spending in the wrong areas and therefore may be losing you money rather than increasing revenue.

Here are some small changes you can make to your work environment to ensure you aren’t spending your company’s money where it doesn’t need to be spent.

Go paperless
In the business world, the third largest expense behind rent and payroll are often copier and printer costs. Companies go through tons of paper every day and much of it ends up in the recycling bin, unused. One way to reduce both your costs and environmental impact is to have your business go paperless -- or nearly so. Electronic document management keeps your files organized and accessible while keeping the amount of information printed to a minimum.

If you're used to printing material to proofread more effectively, there are simple alternatives. For instance, proofreading online is also possible by changing the font of the document being read. While printing a document allows your brain to process the information as if it’s new because the medium has changed, therefore allowing you to catch any mistakes that may otherwise have been sent to a client, changing the font of the information can do the same thing and at no cost to you.

Use document storage
Storing your old documents utilizing document management services not only keeps them safe from identity theft (a crime which occurs most often with physical documents rather than online documents), but also allows your business to perform more efficiently. Document management also provides superior organization, which in turn saves time and increases productivity. Consequently, by saving you time through organization, document management saves your business money (as well as floor space).

Outsource office tasks where possible
If your business requires professional aspects such as print management, but you’re worried you won’t have enough money in the budget to hire a new team of in-house specialists (as well as the technology required for those specialists to work efficiently), consider outsourcing to other businesses in your local area. Outsourcing gives you the capability, professionalism, and the quality of an in-house team without the increase in responsibility or budget.

Rather than spending money in extravagance in an attempt to bring in more revenue, look at your business’ spending on printing and document management. If you do, you'll likely find simple fixes that can benefit your team in numerous ways. Simple changes can create surprising, and money-saving, results.

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