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Super Simple Ways To Get Your Office Ready For Summer

July 10, 2019

electronic document managementFor many people, summer is the season to celebrate the sunshine and enjoy longer days. But for those who work in an office space, the summer can bring some unique challenges.

From navigating vacation schedules to dealing with the summer heat, there are some issues you need to be prepared to handle these next few months. That said, here are a few simple ways you can keep your office running smoothly during the summer season.

Keep the mechanical-related heat at bay

Copiers and printers can bring the heat in an office space. This heat isn't always welcome during the summer months when the HVAC system in your office is already working hard to make sure everyone stays cool and comfortable.

You can help to reduce your office's tech-related temperatures by using electronic document management services instead of hard copies of documents. With electronic document storage, you only need to print documents when necessary and you can save on paper waste.

What's more, with electronic document storage, your employees don't need to move away from their own personal fans to go make copies or sweat over a filing cabinet in search of specific paperwork. They can access the documents they need right from their desks.

Plan ahead for paid time off

Summer is when more employees will use their vacation time, so it's important that you plan ahead for their days out. Encourage your teams to schedule their paid time off in advance. It's also good to have coverage plans to minimize the impact of employee absences both planned and unplanned.

Don't worry too much about missed or rescheduled meetings, either. Instead, use the time to work on other projects that you may have been falling behind on.

Consider offering remote work

It may sound like offering remote work days during the summer months might make your office less productive. But the opposite is true.

Giving your employees the opportunity to work from home during the week can take the stress off the shoulders of your workers who have kids.

Interested in electronic document management for your office?

According to the Gartner Group, up to 15% of all paper documents are misplaced and approximately 7.5% are lost completely. Electronic document management services can help to reduce paper waste, cut costs, and reduce mechanical-related heat in your workplace.

If your workplace is ready to make the switch to electronic document management, A and B Business Solutions is the service for you. To learn more about our document management solutions and how we can help you reduce paper waste in your office, contact A and B Business Solutions today.