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September’s Employee Spotlight on Service: Willie Gonzales

September 12, 2018


September’s spotlight goes to Willie Gonzales, our service technician out in Rapid City.  

Willie Gonzales has been with A&B Business for almost a year and went above and beyond to help our customers. See what his peers have to say:

 “Willie not only exemplifies all of our core values, but he also goes a step further especially for the customer. What makes Willie even more special is that his leader is an example for everyone around him. He would never ask anyone to do anything that he wouldn't do or is already doing himself. He's an amazing person!”

“He has been stepping into the roles of installer and whatever needs to be done he does it with no questions”

“He always makes sure the call center knows what to do with the calls when his team is out. He also is willing to pick up any work that is requested of him and answer any questions someone might have.”

Thank you Willie for your hard work, you are very appreciated by all of us at A&B!