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November's Employee Spotlight on Sales

November 2, 2018

Collin_Kjose.jpgCollin Kjose, Solutions Sales Leader at A&B Business Solutions is our spotlight for November. Collin has been with A&B for over 3 years, and has been an amazing leader and a team player. 

See what Collin’s co-workers have to say about him:

“Very encouraging leader who helps new hires feel welcome and prepared!”

“He is always professional and has a good attitude. He makes my job easier and gets back to me or let's me know he is looking into it. I appreciate people who are respectful of other people's time.”

“Collin does a great job of embracing the best and doing the right thing. As long as I worked with him he has always strived to go above and beyond for the customer.”

Thank you Collin, for your dedication to A&B and for going above and being for our customers!