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Much Ado About Noting: How to Deal With Documents In Your Office

2019-07-03 00:00:00

printmanagement2.pngWith the ever-growing human population and the increased awareness of environmental conservation, more and more companies are going paperless. Utilizing print management services in place of hard copies not only saves the environment but also saves a potential client time as well as money. Read on to find out how it might help your company to invest in print management services.

1. The Forests Will Thank You

Did you know that more than ten thousand sheets of paper on average are used by each individual worker annually in an office setting in the United States?

A single tree is estimated to be able to yield roughly eight thousand sheets of paper. That means that on average, the planet loses one tree per office worker yearly due to unnecessary printing.

Given that estimates that a staggering seventeen percent of all documents printed are considered waste, this estimate is incredibly tragic for the environment. It's in everyone's best interest to reduce the carbon footprint of each individual. If your company takes a stance against waste, your clients will praise your values, which may spell more profits for you.

2. A Penny Saved Is A Penny Earned

On average a standard employee costs their employer between six and thirteen hundred dollars per year, with filing encompassing $20 a sheet and as much as $125 for every misfired document. Second only to rent and payroll, printing expenses are one of the largest categories of office expense.

Print management services can help you keep that cost down by allowing you more innovative document storage and management options.

3. A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

One of the many benefits of print management is the ability to reduce the amount of time spent looking for misfiled, mislabeled and untracked documents. On average, using a print management service can save up to four weeks of wasted time annually.

It is estimated that 19.8 percent of an employee's time is spent searching for information to effectively do their job. Print management simplifies this process by utilizing document scanning and a centralized document storage system.

Ready For Print Management?

In the end, whether it be saving time, money or the environment; going paperless with a reliable document management service is by far the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly strategy for any office. Contact us today to take advantage of this innovative document storage solution.