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May's Employee Spotlight on Sales

May 3, 2018


Amy Atkinson is a cold-blooded closer.  She has got the Inside Sales department whipped into shape, and clients and non-clients alike are at her mercy if she gets them on the line.  This girl knows how to get appointments set.  And she has the most POSITIVE attitude while doing it.  Her success has created more need to grow her department, which she is now overseeing.  Hitting goals is all we’ve seen from her since she came on board with A&B 1 year ago this month!  We’re so lucky as a company to have her on the team, and can’t wait to see her continued growth!  On top of that, she’s just an all-around genuine person that wants to help everyone around her strive to be the best version of themselves they can.


See what Amy’s peers have said about her:

“Amy strives for excellence each and every day! She sets incredibly high goals for herself on a daily basis, and works tirelessly to achieve them. On top of that, her bright attitude of resilience and optimism is so contagious! She makes the entire sales team better.”

“Amy has been an excellent mentor and very encouraging with me!”

“Amy is relentless in pursuing prospective opportunities. Her work ethic and great attitude is an inspiration!”


THANK YOU AMY – from the bottom of our hearts – for everything you do and the high energy you POUR into your work every day!