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March's Employee Spotlight on Service

March 9, 2018

Anthony_Hunter.jpgMarch’s Spotlight is on Service, and we want to call out none other than a jack-of-all-trades, Tony Hunter!  He’s been with A&B Business since 2015 in a Service and Installation role in our Fargo office.  Tony is a breath of fresh air, he’s always positive, helpful, and is willing to do whatever it takes!  He drinks the “company Koolaid” and is a huge A&B supporter in everything he does, making us SO proud to have him on our team! 

Check out what some of his peers said about him:

“Anthony is a great tech and has consistently demonstrated servant leadership. He performs all duties asked of him. He maintains a cheerful, helpful attitude and willingly helps where he can. He communicates pro-actively and works well with his team, other departments like office supplies and Cask and Cork. He has stepped up to the plate in January and February at the Forum with them running 6 million prints in about four week. With the Forum running 24 hours Tony was on call to service as needed. Tony needs to be recognized for all that he does.”

“Tony is great with customers and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure customers are happy. He is also great to work with and will go the extra mile to help not only in service but delivery as well.”

“Great with customers. Very detailed. On time.”

“Tony has always been willing to help the water department and I can trust if he says he will help or take care of something it will be followed through and the customer will be very satisfied. He reaches out to vendors to resolve things independently and always keeps me briefed so we are on the same page with regard to what was discussed with the customer. He is a huge asset to have working with the water team!”

Tony, THANK YOU from A&B Business Solutions and all of your peers, for just being you!