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Managed Print Solutions: The Money-Saving Solution Your Startup Needs

2018-05-01 00:00:00


How can you save money as a startup when you also need to spend money to make your business known? Begin by reducing costs in the place where you spend the most time -- the office.

As a startup in Rapid City, you want to start your business off on the right foot to improve your odds of success. From the very beginning, you need a lean operation with minimal expenses. Fortunately, there is a simple money-saving solution to cut back on typical office expenses: managed print services.

Here's what you need to know:

Know the office expenses that are eating your finances
Before you can begin saving money in the office you need to first look at where your business is losing money. Copier and printer costs are the third-largest office expense after property rent and payroll.

However, printer costs don't need to be as high as they are. In fact, 17% of everything that's printed is considered waste, according to By outsourcing to the managed print service Rapid City trusts, you can reduce the amount of printed waste and save money you never knew you were throwing away.

Managed printing solutions for startups
Managed print services provide the ability to manage all aspects of their company's printing devices. A managed print service will also consolidate printing devices into fewer, more efficient machines. 

Managed printing services may also standardize your business's software, reduce toner waste, reduce the amount of money spent on document output, and even reduce the amount of time your IT team spends trying to improve your copiers.

What's the real value behind MPS?
Managed print services can help businesses of any size save money, improve productivity, and reduce office waste. However, this is especially important for startups navigating the stormy seas of the business world on a boat they've constructed themselves.

An MPS provider can offer startups a greater sense of control, greater optimization, and improved management. When your printing processes have been efficiently optimized, your MPS provider may help you develop procedures for your staff to follow to maintain optimal efficiency.

Managed print services can provide your business with the printing optimization you need to save money. To learn more about managed print services in Rapid City, contact AandB Business today.