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Managed Print Services: What They Are and How They Can Help Your Business

2017-06-02 00:00:00

managed print services companiesThe individual American office worker is estimated to use approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every year. Much of this paper is needlessly printed and needlessly wasted. According to The World Counts, paper makes up a good 25% of the waste in our landfills and 33% of all municipal waste. While many businesses utilize their printed paper, much of it eventually ends up in the recycling bin or trash, costing the company money that gradually snowballs into a large sum.

Working with managed print services companies
Managed print services offer a variety of inner-office capabilities based around the optimization of printing devices such as copiers, faxes, printers, and scanners. Managed print services companies act to analyze what is printed by your company as a means of increasing efficiency and reducing paper waste and expenditures.

Managed print services companies work to analyze your print fleet in a way your IT department cannot. Rather than simply analyzing the number of prints your business makes from its devices, a managed print services company additionally manages and analyzes the output of ink, toner, paper, scanners, fax machines, and desktop printers as a means of identifying unnecessary expenditures and ensuring the highest quality of work.

How managed print services help your company
The number of pages your business prints adds up to a high expenditure at the end of a year. Much of that money is wasted on needless printing or on inefficient printing devices. Document management solutions and managed print services assist your business in identifying the inefficient devices and help you replace them with the best available options for your company’s budget and work style.

Additionally, managed print service companies promote the performance of your business’ in-house IT department. MPS companies execute the performance needs of your document and printing management so your IT team doesn’t have to and can, therefore, service your business’ technological needs.

MPS companies can also provide your business with document storage in order to house your business’ important paperwork and keep your offices from overcrowding with paper. This offers supplementary protection against identity theft.

Utilizing managed print services can save your company money in the long run while reducing your business’s carbon footprint. Lessen your business’s amount of paper waste by outsourcing a managed print services company and increase the efficiency of your business today.