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June's Employee Spotlight on Service

June 6, 2018

Eric_Bunkers.jpgWe have a lot of customers that stick around because of June’s spotlight of the month! 

Eric Bunkers has been with A&B Business for over 10 years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without a smile on his face.  Eric has a true passion for his customers, and it definitely shows.  See what his customers and peers have to say:

“Eric is one of the greatest technicians and all of our customers love him.”

“James(customer) was saying how he really appreciated how Eric makes sure they are taken care of.”

“I would like to take this moment to let you know that Eric does a great job when he comes to First Savings Bank. He communicates well with us.”

As you can tell, Eric makes an impression on all of his customers, is always so positive & professional, and we are so thankful he represents A&B Business in that manor. Eric – you’re the best!  Thank you for all of your years of loyalty and are excited for the next 10!