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July's Employee Spotlight on Admin

July 11, 2018


Elysha has been with A&B Business since the fall of 2014, and boy how things have changed!  She initially started out in a call center role, eventually moving into Sales Administration, and in her latest move going to work directly for our Major Accounts Department as an Executive Administrative Assistant.  She is the backbone for her current boss, making sure that “t’s are crossed, and I’s are dotted” for some of our largest accounts.  Don’t put it past her to throw on a rain poncho over her dress and get out there to make sure things are running smoothly for that department!  See what her peers have to say about her:

“Elysha manages & communicates with all of Strategic Accounts with a high level of excellence. She is always trying to be diligent to get whatever is necessary done, and does so without question! She goes above and beyond to make sure all of A&B's partners very extremely valued! Those accounts lean on her and depend on her for so many things!”

“I feel that with the limited staff in the admin area that Elysha has stepped up and taken action by helping with Account reviews, National Accounts, Fargo, etc. Great Job. Way to stand out.”

“Elysha has helped me with all my account reviews and several lists that I asked her to put together”

“Elysha currently is in charge of the day to day handling of our Strategic accounts and works closely with multiple layers of people in each account. Many clients have told me personally how much they enjoy working with Elysha.”

She juggles so much in life and has done such an amazing job being a loyal and dedicated A&B Employee.  She’s always a true team player and we appreciate all that she does WAY more than is expressed on any normal day.