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January's Employee Spotlight on Service

January 31, 2019


January’s Spotlight is on Service, and we want to congratulate one of the best service techs we got in the field, Seth Walton!  He’s been with A&B Business since 2011, working as a Service Technician. Seth is a breath of fresh air, he’s always positive, helpful, and is willing to do whatever it takes!  

Check out what some of his peers said about him:

“Seth always does the right thing and he does amazing work to help the customer. He goes up and beyond all the time!”

“Seth is the reason we keep customers in Northwest Iowa.”

“Seth is always positive and is always willing to help with anything and everything even if it's not "his job" or "his department". A true pleasure to have as a co-worker.”

“Every account I go into the customers always rave about how great he is.”

“Seth never hesitates to help out in departments that aren't necessarily "his" and he always does it with a positive attitude. I don't think I've ever caught Seth on a bad day. He will go out of his way to get calls done and done right the first time.”

“Seth is upbeat and positive always trying to get the right answer for his customers. Any time he calls me asking a question about auto toner or electronic meter reading it is just refreshing because of how positive he is and you can tell he really wants to get to bottom of any issue for his customers.”

Thank you Seth for all you do for A&B!