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January's Employee Spotlight on Admin

January 5, 2018


If there’s one person that is ALWAYS bubbling over with energy, it’s Stephanie Braun. She has been with A&B coming on 2 years, and she is a blessing to have in our dispatch/call center.  Call after call, she always puts in valiant efforts to ensure every single customer is satisfied.  A textbook “people pleaser”, she will never say no to a project or tasks that goes above and beyond her job description.  For that, her coworkers and customers alike appreciate her much more than this award can say!


Check out what one of our customers said about Steph:

“On Tuesday I called the local Marshall MN # and was routed to a woman named Steph. Our printer had run out of toner and we thought we had a spare but we did not have the color we needed. Steph helped me order 2 more and said they would be there the following day later in the afternoon or Thursday. We have a huge week of deliveries coming up next week and I had mountains of work to print and I was basically unable to work until the toner arrived. I was pretty stressed out and probably pretty short with Steph. But she was very professional and by some miracle the new toner arrived a little before noon the following day. MUCH earlier than I had expected! I was so pleased. I just wanted to email to say thank you for getting it to us here so quickly and thank you to Steph for being patient and kind when I was having a tough day! “

Patient and kind – we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!