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How Your Business Can Benefit From Document Management Solutions (DMS)

2018-02-28 00:00:00

documentmanagementsolutions.jpgIt can be surprisingly expensive to work with paper. In fact, copier and printer costs are considered the third-largest office expense, just behind payroll and rent. What's more, printing expenses typically range between $600 and $1,300 a year per employee at the typical office.

Because of these expenses, and because more and more of our work takes place in the digital realm, many businesses have gone fully, or at least nearly, paperless. However, training your employees to properly store, label, manage, update, and delete electronic documents can slow down your business. Without a plan for storing and tracking all these digital documents, receipts, and records, total chaos can ensue.

Document Management System can help get your company's workflow back on track and reduce costly mistakes. In fact, there are a number of ways your business can benefit from a modern MDS.

Understanding our Managed Document Solutions
What is a document management system? It's the use of software that manages and tracks your business's electronic documents. Through a document management system, your business is capable of organizing, storing, and tracking electronic documents.

A Document Management System offers features such as:

  • Store and track documents via a scanner
  • Allow multiple people to edit a document without overwriting each other's work
  • Review multiple versions or revisions of a document
  • Recover and store past versions of documents
  • Automatically record a log of which users have accessed or changed a document
  • Quickly search and find important records

With document management solutions, you can more securely pass records and information between colleagues. Additionally, when you use document management services you reduce the amount of time employees waste searching for documents they need in your business's filing cabinets or chaotic digital storage systems. Employees are able to simply click and find the documents they need.

Does your business need to reduce paper costs as well?
Paper is a significant investment when it comes to the office environment, and paper often does more harm for your business than good. When document management solutions are used in conjunction with managed printing services, your business can increase efficiency and reduce paper and printing costs at the same time. Managed printing solutions allow your business to identify wasteful printing and paper use, no small feat considering that the average U.S. worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper every year. On top of that, office workers will often waste 19.8% of their productive time simply searching for information to effectively do their jobs.

While many businesses choose to invest in both managed print services and a Document Management System, either can prove beneficial for your operations. For more information on document management solutions and how your business can benefit, contact A&B Business Solutions today.