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How To Get 4 Steps Closer To A Paperless Workplace

February 23, 2018

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Approximately 17% of all printed documentation is considered waste, according to It's for this reason that many American offices have pledged to go paperless in order to make the world a greener and more environmentally-friendly place.

However, up to 85% of all American business documents are still in paper form. Paper is familiar in comparison to electronic documentation, which is often why we cling to it in the office environment. Yet printing and storing paper documents can cost businesses more money in the long run.

That being said, here's how your organization can take a few steps closer to the paperless work environment.

  1. Use print management software

    Print management software increasing visibility regarding how much your organization prints and what you print. Specifically, managed printing services help to optimize your printing devices for more effective management. This way, your organization will be able to better control the print queues and reduce the number of prints you make and who can make them.

  2. Use document management services

    Document management is another way to reduce the amount of paper your organization uses. When you store documents online electronically, it limits the number of documents you need to print. What's more, an electronic document management service can help your organization run more productively and effectively because you need only send documents securely through e-mail or other electronic means.

  3. Change your business processes

    Your organization can create quite a lot of paper waste just by printing out data and business documentation such as data entry, shipping documents, confirmations, etc.

    Going completely paperless may not be an option but try changing your process so data itself is electronic. For instance, shipping documents and HR documents may be easier to access electronically than if they're buried in file folders.

  4. Plant a tree

    Many American businesses love to give back through community service. What better way to give back to the community than by replacing the trees you used for printing? However, if your organization isn't able to plant the trees yourselves you may be able to find a program willing to do it for you.

Whether you're looking to take a few steps closer to the paperless work environment or you're just looking to save money on printing, consider implementing the print management and document management software of A and B Business Solutions. Contact us today for more information.