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How Can Document Management Software Improve The Education Industry?

October 11, 2018

print managementEach individual office worker in the U.S. has been estimated to use 10,000 sheets of paper a year. This estimated number is even higher for teachers who are often stuck with piles of identical paperwork for and from students and other colleagues.

Document management software is designed to pair with the technology that consumers such as teachers already use, which enables the software to translate paper-based files into electronic documents. 

If your school hasn't yet installed document management software, here are a few reasons why electronic document management services ought to be your next big update.

Document management can automate workflows faster and smarter

Education institutions often use a lot of paper and it takes a lot of time and money to index, scan, rename, and save each individual document. 

Automated workflow solutions like document management software can help to manage student records, files, and other data without the labor, supplies, and human error.

Document management software is also capable of:

  • Unifying processes to improve employee and student experiences.


  • Digitally submitting and processing forms.


  • Automatically renaming and routing scanned papers.


  • Digitally storing filing cabinet contents.

Document management software can reduce paper waste

As mentioned above, school and colleges alike often suffer from significant paper waste. This can not only be a huge hit to your school's budget but it can also have a bad impact on the environment.

Fortunately, document management software can help to reduce unnecessary printing by making documents available to all those who need them right there in the system.

Yet, document management isn't the only thing that can reduce paper waste at your school. Managed print services can also increase visibility on an individual user's print volume, provide cloud-based printing, streamline printer placement, reduce or remove the use of inefficient printers, and reduce printing access.

Interested in more information about print management software?

Filing accounts for a significant amount of office debt. In fact, filing costs approximately $20 per document on average. Up to 15% of all paper documents are misfiled and each one costs businesses up to $125 in lost productivity.

Print management solutions can keep these unnecessary misfiling costs from affecting your organization. To learn more about print service management and how it can benefit your organization, contact A and B Business Solutions today about our print management services.