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Giving the Gift of Time

December 21, 2017

Seeds_to_Flowers_Logo.jpgIn this busy holiday season it’s easy to forget those less fortunate. We, as an A&B family, are very pleased to have employees that have a heart for serving others. Time is one of the most priceless gifts you can give. This year A&B has sponsored two employees on a service trip to places were help desperately needed. Valarie Quade, Sales Representative with Cask & Cork, and JJ Noel, Technology Consultant at A&B Business Solutions, joined Dispatch Project on a service trips to Nicaragua and Jamaica.

Valarie Quade went to Nicaragua in June, 2017 with a team. For the past three years, Dispatch Project has gathered together a team to fly down to Nicaragua and spend time with the three NCA schools, The Nehemiah Center and Tesoros de Dios in conjunction with Christian Reformed World Missions.  The trip allows those participating to not only work with the schools on special projects, but to also help out in classrooms, learn about the history and culture of Nicaragua and to develop relationships with locals in Nicaragua.

Here’s what Valarie has to say about her trip:

  • What motivated you to sign up for this trip? My dad. He's been on multiple trips all over the world and he has nothing but awesome things to say about each of them. I strive to be more like him so I signed up for my first mission trip. 
  • Was it what you expected? It was far more than what I expected. I expected the work but I didn't know that we got to visit so many other places and meet so many awesome people. 
  • What specific moment that stands out from your trip? When we were visiting a city in our downtime, we stumbled upon these young adults that were singing and playing guitar in the street for fun. They were singing Christian songs. They invited us to come and worship with them. They were so humble and happy in their worship. They didn't have much except a broken guitar and their amazing attitudes and I loved being around them. I feel like that moment made me stronger in my faith. 
  • What did you take away from your trip? I love helping people but I walked away from this trip the one who was helped. I saw so much, heard so many stories, and learned so much about their culture. I can't wait for my next opportunity to do something like this again. 
  • Would you recommend others to go on service trips like this? Absolutely. It was an amazing experience. I look forward to my next trip.

Pictures from Valaries trip.

JJ Noel went to Jamaica this November. Once again Dispatch Project partnered with Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf to service to the deaf community. 

Here’s what JJ has to say about his trip:

 “ I am so blessed to be able to be part of Project Dispatch’s Mission Trip to Jamaica. The impact of this trip on the relationships that I made through the group, children, workers and country will always have a special place in my heart. Working side by side by the Jamaican Deaf Village digging holes to plant coffee beans, or working as a team to build a trench. The spirit in the air was amazing, seeing everyone work together, joke around, smiling and working to help each other to get the duty done was great.

One of my main highlights of the trip was going to church with our group to the Jamaican Deaf Village Church Service. Seeing the worship team doing sign language with each song and the expressions on their faces were incredible. Then having Pastor Sheldon share his sermon and seeing how Passionate he is about the Lord was great to see. Plus, I love how he explained it is our duty as a believer to be a good disciple.

This trip was really a life changing experience for myself. We are very privileged to have the many blessings that we have in the United States. Observing the Jamaican culture gave me a new meaning to life. Seeing how appreciative on what they have and how they go about serving the Lord. At times when I think I may be going through hard times, I will reflect on what I experienced on this opportunity.

I would like to thank Project Dispatch and A&B Business for this great experience. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone that has a heart on making a change.”



23559479_1460282117420039_4044462481171931712_n.jpgPictures from JJs trip.

A&B Business’s Seeds to Flowers Program has been involved in different organizations throughout the year to make out community stronger. Not only is it benefiting our local community but it makes our A&B family stronger as well!


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