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February's Employee Spotlight on Sales

February 5, 2018


Our February Spotlight on Sales has been with A&B Business for less than a year, but has been a risen up in the eyes of his peers.  “Wild Bill” (AKA Bill Schaefer) has been shaking up our neighbors west of Rapid City and into Gillette, WY.  No doors un-knocked, no stone left unturned.  Bill seems to be running on all cylinders and making a name for himself in not only that territory, but in A&B as well.  He is caffeinated, positive, and ready to seize the day every morning and we all appreciate the business he is bringing in for A&B, as well as his energetic demeanor in doing so!  See what a few of his peers said about him:

“Bill joined the team ready to work and will take anything thrown at him. He is always positive and has good questions and ideas to find more opportunities.”

“Bill continues to push the envelope to grow new business. Bill does everything asked of him.”

“Bill has gone above and beyond to try to expand business in Gillette territory, and has offered to take on larger commitments along-side Darrell Smith, in order to join organizations and gain referrals within the territory. He will not stop for anything to grow his personal brand and success, and he is constantly taking action.”

You are appreciated SO much, Bill, and we can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for you and your career growth!