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Employee Spotlight for March

April 2, 2019


Amy Atkinson is the Employee Spotlight for March. She is currently managing the Inside Sales Department and working hard with GROW, A&B’s newest subsidiary. Hitting goals is all we’ve seen from her since she came on board with A&B 2 year ago and most important she has that burning desire to do WHATEVER it takes!

See what Amy’s peers have said about her:

“Amy went through a crazy transition of inside sales calls to mostly GROW calls. I know she has put a ton of work in on nights/weekends doing prospecting, demos, and additional trainings and the deals are starting to turn because of it!”

“Amy strives for excellence each and every day! She sets incredibly high goals for herself on a daily basis, and works tirelessly to achieve them. On top of that, her bright attitude of resilience and optimism is so contagious! She makes the entire sales team better.”

We’re so lucky as a company to have her on the team, and can’t wait to see her continued growth! Thank you Amy for everting you have done for A&B.