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Don't Make Hacking Easy: 3 Tips To Keep Your Office Safe From Criminals

October 1, 2018

document managementIt's true that some criminals are skilled, but when it comes down to it criminals are often lazy. Your place of business is more likely to be robbed if you have an unlocked door or window. 

The same is true for cybercriminals who are often your average Joe looking for an open window in your system.

Don't leave your systems open to criminals

The sophisticated hackers and burglars of Hollywood aren't trying to break into your business and your data systems. The people who are trying to hack you and access your information are everyday criminals looking to benefit off your unlocked doors (both digital doors and otherwise). 

Don't leave your business wide open to criminals. Here are some of the best ways to keep criminals and cybercriminals at bay. 

  1. Limit access to documents and paperwork. In a perfect world, all your employees would be trustworthy. But because it's not, it's best to limit access to certain documents which might contain client or other employee information. Electronic document storage systems are great for this.
  2. Use a security system. Security systems aren't the same as alarm systems, although both may be a good idea to install at your business. Consider using a security system such as a locked door with ID access. This limits who can enter which area of the building such as your filing department.
  3. Update your software as soon as possible. When you choose not to update your security software, you're leaving windows open for cybercriminals to crawl through and set loose their ransomware. By updating as soon as the update is offered, you close the windows down right on a cybercriminal's hands. Not today, bud.

Consider using document management services to protect your documents

For some business owners, the thought of putting their important documents in a software system may feel like you're asking to be hacked. But this is actually the opposite of what you're doing. 

In fact, up to 17% of everything printed is considered waste and 15% of all paper documents, including those with sensitive information, are misplaced.

Most identity thieves and criminals will steal your information from paper documents because they're often misfiled, misplaced, or left unshredded. Document management services keep identity thieves away from your information.

AandB Business has the document management solutions you need to electronically store your information and get more productivity out of your business. To learn more about our document management software or print management solutions, contact AandB Business today.