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Common Office Problems That Are Holding Your Business Back

June 28, 2019

managed print solutions

You're proud of your business and how far you've come. But there are still a few issues holding you back. You're not alone; many workplaces have common office problems that are keeping them from making new steps toward success.

But what's holding your business back? Consider the following common office problems that could be keeping your workplace from moving forward.

You're spending more on paper than necessary

Up to 85% of businesses are still in paper form. However, according to, up to 17% of everything that's printed is considered waste. That means, when the average employee spends $600 to $1,300 a year in printing expenses, 17% of that money is going in the garbage.

This is where managed print solutions come in. With managed print services, you can get a better idea of what's being printed so you can approve or deny those printing expenses. You can also optimize your printers so you can reduce the number of printers in your office for the best efficiency possible.

You're struggling with clutter when you don't need to

Filing systems work miracles, but when your papers and documents are unorganized it can create a chaotic mess. The more disorganized your workplace, the less productive your employees are. In fact, an average of four weeks is lost every year waiting on misfiled, untracked, or mislabeled documents.

You can help to reorganize your office again by using document management services. Electronic document management systems allow you to store your important documents digitally so you can keep your original paperwork nicely filed and access the digital copy when you need to.

Your employees aren't motivated

Slow productivity and lack of motivation can be a major issue for your business. Consider circulating an anonymous survey to determine what could be improved to motivate your workers.

The problem could be that your workplace doesn't have enough team-bonding activities or you don't provide coffee or water to keep your employees awake. Surveys can help you get an idea managed print solutionsof how you can get the energy going again.

Are you looking for managed print solutions?

The average office worker in the U.S. uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper a year. Managed print solutions can help you gain visibility of what's being printed in your office and give you more control over your printing devices.

If you're looking to implement managed printing services at your business, A and B Business Solutions is the place for you. To learn more about our managed printing services Sioux City businesses trust, contact A and B Business Solutions today.