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Be Good To Your Copier: How To Keep Your Favorite Office Staple Up And Running

2017-08-31 00:00:00

managedprintservices.jpgYour copier is the star of your office environment. It handles your scanning, printing, copying, hole-punching, and stapling from the comfort of a tiny room. As an office worker and employer, you count on your copier to be at its peak performance every day. 

However, even with maintenance services present to fix this office staple on an as-needed basis, your copier needs the proper care in order to continue to operate at the same speed as you. Here are some tips you can take back to your office to ensure your copy machine is up and running the next time you need to copy an entire worker's manual or a liability case:

  1. Periodically clean the copier
    One of the biggest causes of gray streaks on your scans and copies is dust built up along the glass of your copier. Dust and ink specks can easily build up in places you wouldn't even think about during all the jobs you do. 

    Therefore, to keep your copier working and to make your own work-life easier, wipe down the glass and the paper trays with a dry cloth or compressed air container after every large job.
  3. Be gentle
    Trying to meet a deadline can be stressful, especially if it's a rush job. However, if you're not careful you can very easily damage the glass on the copier. This glass is fragile and prone to scratches, which can show up on your copies and scans.
  5. Don't over-print
    Managed print services can help in this area. Up to 17% of everything that's printed in an office environment is considered waste, according to Over-printing can easily exhaust your copiers and can result in ink-streaks on your documents or even copier break-down due to overheating.
  7. Enlist Managed Print Services 
    Managed print services typically involve a print management company coming in to analyze your prints and how much you've printed over a period of time. This can help you determine what didn't need to be printed in your office, what was a copy of something already printed, etc. Managed print services can help your business stop waste and can help keep your business safe from identity theft by converting your printed materials into electronic document management systems for better and safer access.

Like all office machinery, your copiers require necessary care and maintenance in order to stay at peak performance. Be sure to care for your copier on a regular basis in order to keep it in tip-top shape every time you need it.