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August's Employee Spotlight on Sales

August 10, 2018


This month’s spotlight is on sales, and there’s one person that seems head and shoulders above the rest this month.

Yes, that’s right.  Ed McKee, coming in at closer to 7 foot than 6, is our August Spotlight on Sales!

“Steady Ed” doesn’t “do facebook” and so make sure to stop by and tell him congratulations when you see him! He’s been with A&B for 5 years THIS month, and has always been a big player on our sales team.  He’s calm, cool, and collected, and has been a VERY valuable part of our team!

See what his peers have to say:

“McKee Industries is an amazing company built on selling books to the world.  Ed is driven, thoughtful, hardworking, and helps at every book signing. I am glad to call him a teammate.  I say cheers to a great salesman for his integrity!”

“Ed is always committing and providing for the customer what they need and want in a timely manner.” 

It’s obviously that Ed’s integrity is number one to him, and that his customers love him for great reason!  Thank you Ed, for your dedication to A&B Business!