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April's Employee Spotlight on Admin

April 2, 2018


Pat Sueltz is a grinder.  She shows up early, stays up late, and the perfect picture of a dedicated employee since she joined our family in 2013. We’ve said  time and time again that if we could clone her, we would.

Pat never complains, she’s got a strong head on her shoulders and KNOWS how to get things accomplished. 

But that’s not even the best part about Pat. Pat is so genuine, and kind, and caring for her peers, her customers, and most of all her family, and that’s a quality that cannot be duplicated. 

See what some of her co-workers say about Pat:

“The admin award name should be changed to "The Pat Sueltz Excellence Award" because she should win it every time.”

“Because as many times as she calls and hold me responsible, and I want to just be mad at her. It's always my fault and she is just holding me accountable. Plus she deals with 18 plus sales people and we all know that's a long day.” #WildBill

“Pat is always making sure that the sales guys have all their paperwork filled out and making sure customer know what is going on. Pat also has taken on the job of Sales Admin by herself and is rocking it. She never complains and is willing to take on the job to make sure things get done even if that means coming in early or staying late. Pat is absolutely fantastic!!”

“Pat is literally a unicorn.  Anyone that can deal with that many sales people and NEVER quit smiling is one-of-a-kind.”

“Pat always gets the job done. She has excellent attitude, and is always willing to help any way she can.”

If that doesn’t state that she’s obviously appreciated, we don’t know what does!  Keep up the great work, Pat!  It does NOT go unnoticed! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for EVERYTHING you do!