Employee Spotlight for March

April 2, 2019

Amy Atkinson is the Employee Spotlight for March. She is currently managing the Inside Sales Department and working hard with GROW, A&B’s newest subsidiary. Hitting goals is all we’ve seen from her since she came on board with A&B 2 year ago and most important she has that burning desire to do WHATEVER it takes!

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February's Employee Spotlight on Admin

March 4, 2019

We would like to congratulate Kedar Neopaney on being selected as the Spotlight of the Month.

Kedar has joined A&B team back in 2017 and has a roll of Business Analyst. He has been a great addition to our overall business success. Kedar has been working on improving our systems to help keep our data clean and efficient which helps...

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January's Employee Spotlight on Service

January 31, 2019

January’s Spotlight is on Service, and we want to congratulate one of the best service techs we got in the field, Seth Walton!  He’s been with A&B Business since 2011, working as a Service Technician. Seth is a breath of fresh air, he’s always positive, helpful, and is willing to do whatever it takes!  

Check out what some of his peers said about him:

“Seth always does the right thing and he does amazing work to help the customer. He goes up and beyond all the time!”

“Seth is the reason we keep customers in Northwest Iowa.”

“Seth is always positive and is always willing to help with anything and everything even if it's not "his job" or "his department". A true pleasure

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Protect Your Company From Identity Theft This Tax Season

January 30, 2019

Tax season is upon us and with it the risk of identity theft. Although a company is at risk of cyber attacks and identity theft year-round, fraudsters are more likely to steal your information during tax season.

This is because fraudsters can use your information to access financial accounts, gain credit, and steal tax refunds. Companies especially need to be on their guard because they're protecting not only their own information but also their customers'.

To help keep your company and your customers safe this tax season, consider the following tips and tricks to increase your security.

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Top 4 Reasons to Go with Managed Print Services

January 22, 2019

With the help of technology and the cloud, more and more offices are looking for ways to go paperless. Given that every office worker in the United States uses an estimated 10,000 pieces of paper a year, it's a worthy goal. Not only can offices help save paper and trees, but office supply costs could also be greatly reduced. And, of course, the issue of misplaced and lost paper documents would be eliminated completely. Document scanning and document storage systems that are cloud-based are one great way to do this. Another option that many businesses are turning to is that of managed print services. There are many benefits of print services and outsourcing your printing needs to a company that deals in managed printing solutions, which we'll get into below. 

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