6 Benefits of Going Paperless

July 8, 2019

No doubt you’ve heard about the “green movement,” which urges everyone and their uncle to “stop using paper to save the environment.”

But did you know that printer and paper costs are the third-highest expense to an office, after rent and payroll?

By yielding to our green friends’ advice, we stand to reduce paper waste, improve efficiency, and prevent unnecessary printing expenditures.

To learn more about how our printers and copiers are holding us back, read on for the top six reasons why going paperless can improve efficiency and increase profits for your business.

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Much Ado About Noting: How to Deal With Documents In Your Office

2019-07-03 00:00:00

With the ever-growing human population and the increased awareness of environmental conservation, more and more companies are going paperless. Utilizing print management services in place of hard copies not only saves the environment but also saves a potential client time as well as money. Read on to find out how it might help your company to invest in print management services.

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5 Strategies To Maximize Your Small Office Space

July 3, 2019

The smaller your workplace, the more important it is that your office is efficient and organized. When you're working for long periods of time in limited square footage, it's all too easy for things to get out of whack. To help you make the most out of your small workspace and keep the clutter under control, consider the following tips you can use to clear your cubicles and your head.

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June's Employee Spotlight on Sales

July 1, 2019

Our Spotlight employee for the month of June is Tim Paris. Tim is the Regional Sales Leader at our Rapid City office and has been with A&B for almost 2 years. Here is what A&B's team mates said about Tim: 

Here is what A&B's teammates said about Tim:

See what Tims’s co-workers have to say about him:

Striking for Excellence covers all of the principles. Tim constantly holds his team account able and recently he has really produced big for the team giving...

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Common Office Problems That Are Holding Your Business Back

June 28, 2019

You're proud of your business and how far you've come. But there are still a few issues holding you back. You're not alone; many workplaces have common office problems that are keeping them from making new steps toward success.

But what's holding your business back? Consider the following common office problems that could be keeping your workplace from moving forward.

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