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4 Ways To Bring Spring Cleaning To Your Workplace

April 10, 2019

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Spring is almost here, which means now is the best time to start refueling and re-energizing your workplace with a little spring cleaning. For office workers, spring is one of the best times to get your workspace feeling less like a dumping ground for winter paperwork and more like a place for productivity.

Here are a few ways you can go about brightening your workplace and making your office feel more productive this spring:

  1. Set up an entire day for organizing. Some office spaces have a Purge Day. That doesn't mean all crime is legal on that day of the week but that you're dedicating that entire day to cleaning and organizing the ofFice. All work is put on hold to make the office a cleaner and brighter space. Consider it like an office reset.
  2. Invest in print management services. Organizing is a major part of spring cleaning. But it can be a challenge to organize your paperwork when you can't find it. Print management services give you the ability to store your documents electronically so you can keep all your paperwork where it's safe and not in a pile on your desk.
  3. Take control of your printing devices. You can use managed printing services to gain more control over your printing devices and optimize your machines. This helps to reduce how much you're printing so you don't have to worry about your workplace becoming a disaster zone once you've successfully organized.
  4. Clean your other desktop. You don't just need to worry about cleaning off your desk for spring. It also helps to clean the desktop you're staring at all day, too. When your computer files are organized and you can easily find the files you need, the faster you can do your job.

Where can I find print management services near me?

Approximately 15% of all paper documents are misplaced and 7.5% are lost completely, according to the Gartner Group. When you use print management services for document storage solutions, you don't need to worry about misplacing or losing your documents.

A and B Business Solutions provides electronic document management services and managed printing services so you can keep your documents secure and gain better control over your printing devices right in one place. To learn more about our print management services to improve efficiency in your office, contact A and Business Solutions today.