A&B Business Solutions has reached an impressive achievement, being honored with not one but two prestigious awards during the 2024 Elevate Business Awards Night: the Small Business of the Year Award and the Business Expansion Award.

Elevate Business Awards Night honors businesses, organizations, and people within the Rapid City community for making significant contributions to their mission: elevate the region for all. The selection process of the winners began with a nomination window where businesses were nominated for awards academies using an online form. An independent panel of judges then scored the applications and made the decision for the finalists and winners.

A&B team Small Business of the Year Award & Business Expansion Award

The Small Business of the Year Award is a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation in serving its clientele. This award recognizes the hard work and dedication of the entire team at A&B Business Solutions, highlighting their ability to deliver exceptional service while maintaining a personal touch that is often lost in larger corporations. Additionally, the Business Expansion Award title speaks volumes about the strategic growth and scalability that A&B Business Solutions has demonstrated. It is an acknowledgment of the company’s successful expansion efforts, with the acquisition of Robert Sharp & Associates, which has broadened their array of services in the realms of technology, office solutions, and marketing. Their vision of “Developing Strong Communities” is evident through their philanthropy, sponsorships, and paid volunteer time for employees. This diversification fosters collaboration, entrepreneurship, and economic growth, positioning A&B as a leader in innovation and community development

These awards serve as a beacon of inspiration for small businesses everywhere, proving that with perseverance and a customer-centric approach, remarkable achievements are within reach. A&B Business Solutions extends its deepest gratitude to every customer and member of the community for their unwavering support and trust. Thank you for being an essential part of our journey.

Elevate Business Awards Night
Elevate 2024 Small Business of the Year Award: A&B Business Solutions
Elevate 2024 Business Expansion Award: A&B Business Solutions


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