Coffee is considered a workplace staple in America. These days, it’s unlikely that an office doesn’t have a coffee area of some sort. Here are five benefits of having a coffee station for your team.

  1. Increased Productivity
    The caffeine in coffee works as a stimulant that heightens brain activity, gets nutrients flowing, fights off sleepiness, and boosts focus.
  2. Culture and Social Interaction
    Study showed that coffee breaks can lead to more cohesion and a larger sense of culture at work. These short breaks allow employees to get to know one another and experience a higher quality of life at work.
  3. Reduced Wasted Time
    Consider that around 80% of Americans will drink coffee at work – whether it’s offered or not. That means if you don’t offer it, your employees will take time out of their day to go out to get a cup.
  4. More Productive Meetings
    Since caffeine increases work productivity and helps to stimulate morale, you’ll notice more engagement and better outcomes from work meetings.
  5. Increased Retention
    In order to keep your best talent, you need to create an environment that is enjoyable and engaging. Coffee culture can help with this by providing a way for employees to socialize and connect with one another.

According to a survey done by Nespresso:

  • 65% of employees expect high-quality coffee in the workplace.
  • 77% of employees agree that morning coffee breaks are important.
  • 92% of employees want to have a social space (coffee/lunch spaces) in the office.

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