40th Anniversary of A&B Business Solutions

A&B Business Solutions is the namesake of Art Sinkey and Bill Kromminga. This year, we have the joy of celebrating the 40th anniversary of their company’s debut on the business stage in Sioux Falls, SD in January 1981, from humble beginnings selling typewriters (kids, look it up). By the time current owner, Dennis Aanenson, came on the scene in 1993, they had progressed to become a Panasonic printer dealer.  Aanenson knew that founders Sinkey and Kromminga were nearing retirement, so he stepped onto the stage with his family in hopes of commencing the second act. Fueled only by the drive within himself, being predominantly self-taught in business, he jumped into the opportunity.

Through every advancement in technology and the change of ownership, one thing has not changed: serving people.  Aanenson grew up in the Pipestone, MN countryside and knew that he wanted to do business close to home which led him to nearby Sioux Falls.  Even then he recognized the ever-changing nature of the industry which offers constant opportunity that provides solutions as technology advances. This coincides with assisting others with customer service at the highest level, in which he took full advantage.

When asked what today’s small business owners need to know to remain competitive, Aanenson’s advice is, “It’s not so much about being competitive, it’s about providing a solution or multiple solutions to assist others with solving their problems, and educating them on how to conduct business more efficiently and effectively. It’s about working with your clients, building relationships with them and being their solutions partner to assist growth. It doesn’t matter if you sell the product, you help give them guidance.”  A&B Business has recently adopted a slogan that encapsulates this mindset: ‘Bring it!’. This short phrase means that we empower our customers and welcome any challenges their business might face. With A&B, having their back, they know we have whatever they need, whenever they need it.

To take the torch from business founders and carry it on to new heights, depends on a vibrant relationship between the company and its customers.  Maintaining the loyalty, honesty, and joy in the journey of those founders depends on trust that is both earned and given. We at A&B Business want to say an enormous ‘Thank you’ to each of our customers, both big and small, long-time or brand new.  Without the honor of serving your business, we wouldn’t have the privilege of celebrating this milestone. In celebration of our 40th Anniversary we want to give back to our clients, partners, and friends by doing 40 giveaways throughout this year. Each Monday we will post a new giveaway opportunity. The winner will be notified the following Monday and a new giveaway will be posted until we reach 40 gifts! We look forward to every opportunity to solve problems of all kinds for our communities so, ‘Bring it!


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