June’s Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight for June goes to Stephanie Anderson. She has join the A&B family in 2018 and has been an amazing team player. She started as a Strategic Accounts Manager working with major accounts and recently was promoted to Recruitment & Development Manager. Stephanie puts her heart and soul into everything she does and has the willingness to adapt and learn to everything new coming her way.

See what her co-workers have to say:

“Stephanie has really embraced her new job roll. She does an excellent job at leading the admin teams and getting good, thoughtful feedback to our development and she always tries to carry a positive attitude and great character while in the office.”

“She has done a great job with the company wide development.”

“Stephanie is like a cheerleader, very passionate about what she does.”

“Stephanie really cares about what she does, her roll fits her so well like she was born to do development and coaching.”

Thank you Stephanie for everything you do for A&B, we are honored to have you on our team.


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