April’s employee Spotlight goes to Brian Hicks, a service technician in our Rapid City office. Brian has been with A&B Business since 2009 and has been doing an outstanding job.

See what his coworkers and customers say about him:

“Brian is very educated, and knowledgeable, but the key to his success for me, is he can communicate in terms and vocabulary that I can understand and relate to. He is very respectful, kind, and always appears to be happy. That is very refreshing in this day and age. He has a God given gift, and I appreciate him more than he will ever know.”

 “Brian does a great job out in our Rapid City area, he has stepped up to the plate in the last couple of months and covered for others while still doing his job.”

“Technician Brian Hicks is the reason we recommend your business to other potential customers. He is top notch! Brian is a great trouble-shooter, very knowledgeable, and highly personable. We depend on him to help us when needed.”

A&B is lucky to have Brian on our team. Thank you Brian for your hard work and excellent customer service skills.


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