Crisis Survival Kit

You can’t predict crisis, or when it will end, but you can prepare.  This is the time to develop your skills, expand your mindset, project leadership. 

A&B Business is partnering with FiveFour to give you resources to not only survive the coronavirus crisis but emerge stronger when it’s over. We’ve been working with FiveFour for a few years. They are a Sioux Falls-based company that specializes in virtual business training and customer experience. ​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Together we are offering the “Crisis Survival Kit” to our customers – at no cost or obligation – to bring prospective and education during what are difficult economic times for many of us. 

This collection features a Master Your Mindset series, which are two to five minute discussions on personal and professional development, customer experience and time management.  

There is also training on employee communication, leadership, crisis management and three selections from the Team Improvement Rewards Program that will bolster confidence in times of stress.  

The “Crisis Survival Kit” isn’t just about getting by. It’s preparation for what comes next. Because while we can’t see the future, we can be ready.  

This course provides instruction, insight and a bit of wisdom for your journey.


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