Ed McKee, Technology Consultant at A&B Business Solutions, is our spotlight for February. Ed has been working in Sioux Falls territory for over 6 years and has been someone to look up to on our team.

Ed has won a Volunteer of the Year Award twice in his 6 year at A&B. He is an example to his coworkers on how to do well both at work and helping our community. We are so blessed to have Ed on our A&B team.

See what Ed’s co-workers have to say about him:

“Solid, like a rock month in and month out.”
“True team player that you can always count on to perform and stay positive!”
“Helps with ride along and training the new people and always has a good attitude.”
“Ed always shows his appreciation to the admin team and is great example of being involved and volunteering in our community.”

Ed is loyal and dedicated and we appreciate all that he does way more than is expressed.

Ed McKee receiving a Volunteer of the Year Award


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