December’s Spotlight of the Month

We would like to congratulate Holly Arends on being selected as the Admin Spotlight of the Month.

Holly has joined A&B team 14 years ago and has been an amazing support to our customer service department.

See what her peers have to say:

She can fix all my mistakes. The one that knows how to make things right in a few seconds. She is awesome.

Always knows how to get things done right.

Customer was requesting a new toner as the one they had ran out during a large print job. Holly took it upon herself to deliver the toner on her lunch period.

Holly is always a person that one can go to in regards to anything related to the call center she does a great job.

Holly manages Avera customers with such quality service! She knows how to read through whatever information they provide, how to communicate professionally, and she keeps me informed on things that need my involvement.  She is cheerful, willing, and diligent.  I have SO appreciated her over my first year here with A&B!

Thank you Holly for all you do for A&B, we appreciate you!!!


For Service Requests, visit our Service/Toner Request page and let us know how we can help.