September’s Employee Spotlight on Admin

The spotlight of the month of September is Michelle Lee. Michelle has been with A&B since beginning of 2016 working in our customer service center. She has been a Rockstar from answering the phone to placing service calls, to going through mail and so on.

See what Michelle’s co-workers have to say about her:

“Stepping up to learn an entirely different departments multiple positions while still maintaining her prior assigned duties to the best of her abilities, consistent constructive input on challenges to be addressed or things to be improved”

“Michelle has continued to go above and beyond learning and helping in the parts/toner area.”

“Michelle is going above and beyond by learning new tasks to help aid the parts/ordering area of the company and she has really improved her overall attitude. Keep up the good work!”

“She has been training me and doing amazing at it.”

“I believe Michelle is striving for excellence by really trying to make a change of attitude and making sure she continues to put the customer first and complete calls in a positive fashion.”

Thank you Michelle for being a true team player!


For Service Requests, visit our Service/Toner Request page and let us know how we can help.