How Can I Reduce Waste In My Office?

With the climate crisis looming behind us, it’s more important than ever for companies to reduce waste and go green. But despite “no landfill” and “green business” becoming buzzwords, many companies are still lagging behind when it comes to eco-friendly operations.

The good news is we’ve compiled a few ways to help your own office space go green and stay green throughout the year without losing momentum. Consider the following tips to implement around your own workspace to reduce waste.

Take your printing down a notch

Your business doesn’t need to go completely paperless to reduce how much you’re printing. Managed printing services can give you a better idea of what’s being printed and how much is being printed around your office space.

By gaining visibility about what’s being printed and who’s doing the printing, you can allow or decline certain print jobs to reduce waste and save money. In fact, 17% of everything that’s printed is considered waste.

Store your office files digitally

Document storage solutions are another smart way you can reduce waste around your office. By storing your documents digitally, you can prevent unnecessary printing and make informational access that much easier for your employees.

What’s more, storing your office files digitally also helps to improve workplace security. You can secure who accesses the hard copies of certain documents and prevent non-employees from accessing digital files. There’s also a lower risk of important documents being misplaced and going missing when you’re accessing them digitally.

Recycle your electronic equipment

When you’re no longer using your old printers, copiers, containers, and other equipment, consider teaming up with your local recycling center in your area.

By recycling your old equipment, you can help smaller businesses get a leg up on the market and you reduce your own office’s carbon footprint.

Interested in managed printing services for your office?

According to the Paperless Project Coalition, approximately 85% of business documents are still in paper form. This wastes a lot of paper every single day in the average office environment.

If you’re looking to reduce waste in your office space and to make your workplace more eco-friendly, managed printing services can help by gaining visibility and controlling all printing devices.

A and B Business Solutions offers both managed printing serviced and electronic document management services to ensure your office is as energy-efficient and organized as possible. For more information about managed printing services, electronic document management systems, or office supplies, contact A&B Business Solutions today.


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