The Benefits of Managed Print Services to Businesses

Currently, most businesses are actively looking for a way to get rid of unnecessary expenses with the use of technology. This has been very successful with elements such as data storage. However, in most cases, you tend to find that printing and imaging systems are easily forgotten when optimization is being done. This is mainly because the overheads for these operations are not managed from the same point. For the business that has taken time to look at the different costs associated with having the equipment right from purchase to maintenance and the other supplies needed, they have come to appreciate the need for managed print services. Here are some 7 ways in which your business will benefit from the use of managed print services.

Improved information security

Security of information is a matter of interest for every business in order to safeguard their operations. When it comes to managed print services, there is the benefit that security measures can be implemented to ensure that only the right people within and out of the organization are able to access the files sent through the printing and imaging systems. Since hackers are also a constant threat, it is ideal to have the MPS provider install adequate security measures depending on the sensitivity of the information in circulation. Network-level solutions and automated hard drive wiping would be a great feature to further assist with the security of data.

Reduced costs

The biggest benefit of managed print services has to do with saving money. Overall, companies enjoy huge savings as a result of deploying these systems. Typically scattered systems where printers are spread all over tend to be expensive due to the cost of maintaining the hardware and the network to support it. With managed systems, the hardware required is well calculated and strategically planned to ensure the best use of the equipment, and this helps in lowering the costs for operating the systems.

Increased productivity

When it comes to printing, the requirements for the various departments with an organization do vary. Also, based on the current requirements as well as future requirements, a managed print services provider is able to look at what is available now and what the future requirements will be. From this, a system can be designed to accommodate these needs. For instance, printing can be customized to specific sizes for particular documents. This ensures that the solutions are specific to the needs of the business and will ultimately contribute to productivity.

Improves efficiency

Managed print solutions are a great way of saving time when it comes to running printing operations. The reason behind this argument is that the time spent on printing services by employees is quite disturbing and wasteful to a business. Time wastage is contributed by poorly configured hardware for the tasks at hand and also old hardware. With managed print services, the story is completely different given that the system is configured to the user specific requirements and other aspects of maintaining the printing and imaging services are taken care of. With time freed from the employees, they are improved efficiency within an organization.


By lowering the amount of electricity, paper and other accessories needed for the old system of printing, managed print services are eco-friendly. This should be important to businesses that are committed to being responsible to the environment.

Increased agility

It is important for a business to improve operation continually. This helps in ensuring that a business remains competitive, and this is necessary to have a competitive edge when compared with other businesses within an industry.

Low capital expenditure

It is a costly affair to make all purchases required for printing services at a go. If this was to be done, the cash flow in business would be affected, thus interfering with operations. However, with managed print services, a business is able to include installment payments as an option, and this is very helpful.


According to research done by, about 17% of all the printed documents is considered as waste. Given this fact, it is therefore important to reduce paper waste by using services of managed printing services Sioux City. This is because you will gain from the benefits above, including being environmentally friendly.


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