Reducing the Environmental Impact of Paper with Print Management

To maintain a successful business, careful record keeping is a must. This has traditionally been done by filing away printed documents of important information. As we learn about the environmental impact printing paper has, there is a push to change document storage systems to an electronic document system. The goal is to reduce the 85% of businesses that still print and store paper documents reported by the Paperless Project coalition.

3 Simple Ways to Begin Paper Reduction

The first step to reduce paper use is to recognize the problem and change the mindset of how you view paper use in your company.

  1. Encourage Efficient Use: If paper must be printed, encourage office staff to optimize the paper space. Increase margins, use smaller font, and use both sides of the paper instead of one. recommends putting the printer in an area that forces users to think about whether they really want to make a trip to pick up their document. Encourage the use of electronic documentation and electronic filing systems. This will reduce paper waste and improve efficiency by clicking a button instead of shuffling through mounds of file folders.
  2. Paperless Meetings: Holding paperless meetings encourages the emphasis to switch over to electronic documentation. Choose an iPad, a tablet, a laptop, or even a palm pilot to take notes on. Not only does this cut down on paper use, but it adds to efficiency in the office because electronic devices can link to one another and make sharing easier.
  3. Recycle, Reduce, and Reuse: Beginning to print manage is the first step to reducing paper use. That said, paper documents will still hold their own value depending on the circumstance. If paper has to be used, companies need to be conscientious about reusing what they can and ensuring paper gets recycled. Employees can encourage reduction by holding in office contests among employees for who prints the least amount of paper.

The Second Step to Paper Reduction

Once you have established a mindset change in how you want to reduce paper, a second option is to print manage. One way to print manage and store electronic documents is to implement managed printing services (MPS). These are services provided by other companies to help assess your current printing situation and optimize the use of your office machines.

3 Reasons to Consult a Print Management Company

After recognizing how your business can improve in paper use, see what print management companies Sioux City has to offer and understand what they can do for you.

  1. Reduction and Security: The first thing an MPS company will do is assess printer use. They will evaluate the efficiency of the machines and the frequency they are used. Then they can offer suggestions on how to reduce printer use or the number of machines used to cut down on electricity. Part of this service also suggests ways to file documents electronically so printing is cut out altogether. Keeping documents in electronic devices is more secure as many programs are protected by passwords and employers no longer have to worry about confidential paper documents accidentally left out on desks.
  2. Increased Efficiency: The way of the world is turning to electronic devices and by implementing MPS, you can turn many of the services you offer into online platforms. This makes it easier for everyone to access from the comfort of their home. As the owner, you can work from anywhere. This reduces time wasted in traveling and the need to make sure you have collected all the paperwork that was needed for the transaction.
  3. Accountability: An MPS allows you to keep track of printing use, but more importantly it helps keep documents all in one place. Keeping electronic documents allows them to be opened in several different locations, but you are able to always account for them by keeping them together in an electronic file folder.

With a little work, change in mindset, and thought to MPS, paper use can easily be reduced. This is important to consider in order to improve the environmental footprint paper use is causing. Explore the possible ways your business can improve with print management companies Sioux City offers and trusts.


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