Paperless Equals Profit

A&B Business Solutions offers many products and services aimed at helping you improve efficiency within your business. Offerings include managed print services, document management, office equipment, production print, office supplies, office furniture, purified water, gourmet coffee, and sales and leadership development. AandB places a high priority on providing excellent service. Award-winning service programs include 40 certified technicians, auto-dispatched technicians often responding in four hours or less, technicians who are incentivized for first call effectiveness and are trained by an on-site factory-certified trainer, a local parts department that eliminates any need to wait for your parts to be shipped, and an in-house call center which allows you to speak with a live person who can process supplies orders for you or dispatch technicians.

Document management and managed print services allow your business to largely go paperless. These services save time and improve efficiency as well. Consider that estimates show that individual office workers use approximately 10,000 sheets of paper annually. The Paperless Project Coalition found that 85% of business documents remain in paper form, which results in significant paper waste. In fact, found that 17% of all printed documents amount to waste. 15% of paper documents are misplaced and 7.5% are lost entirely, according to the Gartner Group.

Printing and copying expenses are generally the third-largest spend for businesses, coming just after rent and payroll. Research tells us that a single employee’s printing expenses can run companies between $600 and $1,300 annually. Consider also that filing work accounts for significant office debt. Typically, filing costs approximately $20 per document, and each misfiled document costs about $125 in lost productivity. Every year, businesses lose an average of four weeks annually to waiting for misfiled, mislabeled or untracked documents.

Whether you are a small business or large company, you likely depend on many document-intensive processes. The results of AandB’s document management service include increased profitability via increased productivity, enhanced competitive advantage due to accessible client information, ensured regulatory compliance, and reduced litigation risk via increased security.

Managed print services are intended, above all, to save your business money. Through consolidation of devices into fewer and better-utilized machines and lowering your cost-per-page, these services can improve your bottom line. These services include reducing the number of copiers you need, standardizing your software, redirecting printing to more cost-effective machines, eliminating wasted toner inventory, and helping you find ways to decrease the amount you spend on document output.


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