How Can Print Management Help My IT Department?

One of the main reasons why companies will deploy print management solutions is to reduce printing costs. But your IT department can also benefit from using document management systems.

Today’s IT challenges include complying with security standards, minimizing document security risks, and meeting the needs of workers to make them more productive. Print management solutions can reduce these challenges and keep your department on the ball.

Here are some of the top reasons why your IT department can benefit from print management solutions in your workplace.

Document management improves security

Your IT department is required to minimized document security risks and comply with security standards to reduce the chance of a data breach. By using electronic document management systems, you can reduce the number of employees who print sensitive information that could cause a potential breach.

When there are fewer employees printing documents, your IT department can have fewer eyes on the multi-functioning printers around the office and more eyes on other work. Document management also gives your IT department the ability to manage, store, and track electronic documents, which improves your overall security.

Digitizing documents boosts productivity

When you digitize documents, you create quick-wins on your balance sheet. This is because electronic document management systems free up administrative and productive time spent locating and retrieving documents. Up to four weeks on average are lost every year waiting on untracked, mislabeled, or misfiled documents.

Cloud-based document management systems reduce reliance on physical hardware and save on your office space. It also provides access anytime and anywhere.

Document management reduces turnover rates

High levels of productivity are not only great for your company but they’re also important to your employees’ overall sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Employees who are working on old technology and software can become frustrated when the tech doesn’t allow them to do their jobs.

Electronic document management systems can help your IT employees work more efficiently and improve their enjoyment with your company. The more your employees like working for you, the more likely they’ll stay with your business.

Interested in incorporating print management solutions?

An employee’s printing expenses can cost the average company between $600 to $1,300 a year. Depending on how many employees you have at your company, those expenses can add up. To make matters worse, up to 17% of everything printed is considered waste.

Print management solutions can help keep your waste under control and reduce the costs of printing. Every important document you need can be accessed electronically, so you don’t need to worry about unnecessary printing. To learn more about how electronic document management services can help not only your IT Department but also the rest of your company, contact A and B Business Solutions today.


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