Rake the Town

November 14, 2017

This year was the coldest YET that A&B has raked the town, but that didn’t stop us. We blew away our numbers from last year as the wind tried to blow us away while we raked.  Over 100 bags later, 4 houses, and two days worth of freezing was ALL worth it. Rake the Town continues to be a fantastic and fun event and reminds us just what it’s like to give back to those in need.  Active Generations does such a great job at organizing and taking care of it’s program members, and we just want to support them in helping our community in anyway possible.  Even if that means raking on the coldest days of fall so far.  Until next year, Rake the Town!  

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November's Employee Spotlight on Sales

November 8, 2017

JJ Noel, 2016’s “Hardcharger” sales award winner is our spotlight for November!  JJ has been with A&B a little over 3 years, and is just an all-around great guy!  His customers love him, and that’s probably because he always puts his best foot forward and has their best interest at heart.  JJ and his wife Ashley reside in Sioux Falls and are very involved in the community as well as Embrace Church. He is one of the company’s “go-getters”, and makes everyone laugh!  See what JJ’s co-workers have to say about him:

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October’s Employee Spotlight on Admin

October 5, 2017

Our October Spotlight of the Month is Hope Moseley!  On Oct 20th, Hope celebrates her 20th anniversary with A&B! She has been one of the most stable and long-standing employees at A&B, and never ceases to amaze people with her genuinely helpful demeanor.

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Managed Printing Can Reduce Your Company's Environmental Impact

2017-10-03 00:00:00

Managed print services can help save companies thousands of dollars. In just a single year, the average office worker will spend anywhere between $600 and $1,300 on printing. Yet managed print services and electronic document management can save more than just money and productivity.

Adopting managed print services for your company can also help to make a substantially positive environmental impact. According to the EPA, over 40% of trees are used for paper production and, according to StopWaste.org, up to 17% of that paper is wasted.

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Thinking Of Partnering With An MPS? Here's What You Need To Provide

2017-09-08 00:00:00

An office environment can easily become overwhelmed with paper documentation when it hasn't been properly filed, tracked, or labeled. Waiting on these types of documents to be found for work purposes could cost your company an average of four weeks lost in productivity.

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