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Thinking Of Partnering With An MPS? Here's What You Need To Provide

2017-09-08 00:00:00

printmanagement.jpgAn office environment can easily become overwhelmed with paper documentation when it hasn't been properly filed, tracked, or labeled. Waiting on these types of documents to be found for work purposes could cost your company an average of four weeks lost in productivity.

A print management company, also known as managed print services (MPS), can help your business get back on track with document management. However, before hiring print management services you need to be able to provide your potential MPS partner with the proper information.

What to provide your MPS partner
While partnering with a managed print service, you'll be handling the normal partnering practices such as assessment, proposal, and finally execution. However, it's the assessment stage that requires most of your attention. During the assessment stage, your potential MPS partner will collect data on your printers and copiers.

A print management service will typically consult with a data collection agent during this stage. It will take around two weeks for the DCA to monitor your devices and report back to the MPS your average monthly volume of printed papers.

Be sure while your MPS is assessing your average monthly volume that you provide them with the following information about your business:

  • How your business orders its supplies
  • How your business requests device service
  • Whether you have an assigned technician to provide service
  • Changes you would like your MPS partner to provide

Help your MPS partner help you
Your potential MPS partner requires the information listed above in order to be more helpful to your business. The company is working with you to help your business succeed, after all. Therefore, in order to ensure that your MPS partner is doing its best for you, be sure to share bits of information regarding your company to your MPS partner as well such as digital workflows, network structure, and user requests. 

After the assessment stage, you can then review the proposal you've made with your MPS partner to make sure it's to your liking. Then simply sign the agreement. You'll be able to relax knowing that your business will now be able to get back up to productivity.