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October’s Employee Spotlight on Admin

October 5, 2017


October’s Spotlight on Admin: Hope Moseley

On Oct 20th, Hope celebrates her 20th anniversary with A&B! She has been one of the most stable and long-standing employees at A&B, and never ceases to amaze people with her genuinely helpful demeanor.

Here are a couple things that her co-workers have said about her:

“Hope is great at holding people accountable and is always following up.”

“Hope is NEVER in a bad mood, she always is positive, and willing to help everyone. She is trustworthy, kind, and so pleasant and easy to work with! One of the best employees at A&B by far!”
“I sit next to Hope so I see firsthand, just how busy she is paying bills and dealing with employees regarding expense reports and although some seem to have never done it before, she is patient with them and explains the procedure relentlessly with a positive attitude.”

Hope, your attitude, dedication, kindness, and willingness to persist and get the job done are what we value SO much here at A&B! THANK YOU for 20 years!!