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Managed Printing Can Reduce Your Company's Environmental Impact

2017-10-03 00:00:00

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Managed print services can help save companies thousands of dollars. In just a single year, the average office worker will spend anywhere between $600 and $1,300 on printing. Yet managed print services and electronic document management can save more than just money and productivity.

Adopting managed print services for your company can also help to make a substantially positive environmental impact. According to the EPA, over 40% of trees are used for paper production and, according to, up to 17% of that paper is wasted.

The following are just some of the ways in which managed print services can help your company operate efficiently while promoting environmental responsibility.

Reduced energy consumption

Paper waste is often noticeable by office companies. However, energy consumption and the amount of electricity being used on a daily basis is rarely at the forefront of many company minds.

The more energy a company uses, the more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Additionally, the more energy a company uses, the higher their utility expenses. With multiple printers running at the same time as multiple computers, copiers, and scanners, energy use is almost always significantly high in an office environment.

Document management services can help to reduce the number of necessary prints. Reduced printing means a reduced need for printers and copy machines. Your company can also help to reduce energy waste by investing in Energy Star printing devices, which are certified to help improve energy efficiency.

Going paperless

Document management solutions can help to reduce wasted paper, but using electronic document management solutions can help take reduced paper waste to a new level. Electronic document management allows your company to go completely paperless, eliminating the paper cost and waste.

Electronic document management also increases the productivity of your company by getting rid of the excuse of lost paperwork. Your important documents are at your fingertips to edit and search securely while the originals stay locked away in document storage.

Document management systems can improve your company's productivity and effectiveness. However, it can also help reduce your company's impact on the environment and eliminate waste. For more information on document management, contact AandB Business, the managed printing services Rapid City trusts, today.