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Making the World a Better Place

March 22, 2017

Seeds_to_Flowers_Logo.jpgThrough our Seeds to Flowers program we encourage our employees to give back to our local community and it’s heartwarming to know that they want to do more than that. Once again, A&B is excited to announce  to be partnering with Dispatch Project to make our world a better place. Valarie Quade and Leah Black will join Dispatch Project on a service trips to Nicaragua and Jamaica.

Valarie Quade will be heading to Nicaragua in June, 2017 with a team. For the past three years, Dispatch has gathered together a team to fly down to Nicaragua and spend time with the three NCA schools, The Nehemiah Center and Tesoros de Dios in conjunction with Christian Reformed World Missions.  The trip allows those participating to not only work with the schools on special projects, but to also help out in classrooms, learn about the history and culture of Nicaragua and to develop relationships with locals in Nicaragua.

Leah Black will be going to Jamaica in the fall of 2017. Once again Dispatch Project will be partnering with Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf to service to the deaf community.  This trip has so many great experiences: visiting a children’s home and an infirmary, helping with building needs at the Conference and Retreat Center as well as full integration with the deaf culture at the Jamaica Deaf Village.

These ladies have both demonstrated great dedication to their work with A&B Business, and it’s our honor to send them to represent our company to such amazing causes.  


Learn more on how to get involved with Dispatch Project:HERE