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A&B Christmas Story

December 21, 2016


In the spirit of the holidays, everyone needs a good Christmas Story.  So here’s ours:

Our employees went above and beyond anything we could ask for this year.  We have the most generous people at A&B, and that’s the thing we are most proud of as a company.  It’s why we provide great service to our customers, it’s why our employees are happy & our culture is thriving, and it’s why we can do things like this. 

We wanted to take on a couple Christmas projects for the Children’s Home Society in Sioux Falls.  After calling CHS and talking about our local staff, we settled on doing an Angel Tree & decided on a number of gifts to commit to that I felt we would be able to hit as a company. 

But we wanted to do more.  I asked if there were any other volunteering opportunities they could use this year. Deb @ CHS told me that they were down a cook and a half.  In previous years, they’ve been doing a Christmas Treat program where each kid gets a special Christmas cookie or candy for a few days around Christmas.  But, this year would be different.  Without the kitchen team to support, they were going to cut the program.  We decided that couldn’t happen. 

Dennis Aanenson, owner of A&B Business Solutions as well as Casks & Corks Distributing, not only went along with the Angel Tree but offered up over 3X the amount of our gift commitment, out of his own pocket. He did this so each and every child could have a gift from us. He also offered up his commercial kitchen and time off for his employees to make 500 cookies to make these children’s Christmas amazing! So we did.  And let me tell you, there was frosting flying, sprinkles everywhere, hundreds of popcorn balls & sugar cookies, and a whole lot of cleaning up involved, but it was so worth it.  When we delivered the items to the Children’s Home Society, not only was the Director just amazed (possibly scared) by the copious amounts of sugar being brought in, but the kitchen staff had looks of relief knowing that a few people having a blast one random Tuesday saved their treat program that year. 

Just one more amazing opportunity to help others working for A&B.  The spirit of giving and generous hearts comes all the way from the top here. 

Happy Holidays from us to you!


Lindsey Kamstra

Director of Staff Development


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