Time is the Most Priceless Gift - JAMAICA TRIP

December 6, 2016

In this busy holiday season it’s easy to forget those less fortunate. We, as an A&B family, are very pleased to have employees that have a heart for serving others. Partnering with the Dispatch Project, Holly Arends, a Customer Service Associate with A&B, went on the service trip to Manchester, Jamaica - the home of the Jamaica Deaf Village – and one of main campuses for the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf (CCCD). Together, with a group organized by Dispatch Project, they volunteered their time to help out with few different projects from demoing a house to spending time with deaf kids. Time is one of the most priceless gifts you can give.

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Rake the Town 2016

November 3, 2016

Along with “all things fall” we wanted to share with you all the AMAZING experience we had Raking the Town on Friday.  We completed the lawns of 2 people we were assigned by 10AM, so instead of calling it a day we started talking to one of the owners about the other people on her street.  7 lawns later, we had raked 75 bags of leaves, were exhausted, blistered, and yet overcome with laughter and joy from what we’d just accomplished. 

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Changing lives in Jamaica

October 27, 2016

A&B Business’s Seeds to Flowers Program has kicked off a partnership with Dispatch Project in the last couple years. The projects are designed to get the Sioux Falls business community involved in overseas service work which will touch the lives of others and create a spirit of service at home.

Holly Arends, a Customer Service Associate with A&B, will be going to Jamaica on October 29 through November 5, 2016. Together with a group organized by Dispatch Project they will partner with Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf to minister to the deaf community.  This trip has so many great experiences: visiting a children’s home and an infirmary, helping with building needs at the Conference and Retreat Center as well as full integration with the deaf culture at the Jamaica Deaf Village.

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The Future is Now

October 7, 2016

Introducing PrintAudit, the next BIG thing to look forward to with A&B Business Solutions.  We’re a step ahead of the competition & are committed to staying on the cutting edge of the newest trends in technology with this software. 

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Placing a Service Request just got easier

September 15, 2016

 Placing a service request just got easier by placing it on our website. 


1. Place your service request at any time of the day

2. You will not be put on hold

3. You will get a confirmation from a A&B Representative

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